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PROVO, Utah--March 19, 2009--Newly created mobile game Tap Memory hit the Apple App Store Thursday. The creation of programmers Cory Kilger, Eric Thayne, and Brady Mower, Tap Memory combines memory skills and quick-tapping accuracy for an experience that is sure to keep the attention of today's mobile gamers. With progressive difficulty, high scores and a simple interface, Tap Memory offers a new spin on traditional memory games.

The game begins by showing a series of random numbers which soon disappear, leaving circles in their place. The goal of the game is to tap the circles in order of the numbers. Points are awarded for tapping speed and passing a level. Three different difficulty levels can be played, and each game gets progressively more difficult.

"I've had this app installed for five minutes, and I'm hooked...this is a very good application," said a recent beta tester of the game. Another tester called the game "very very addicting."

High scores will soon be integrated with global high scores, and Tap Memory will also offer functionality in several additional languages. Tap Memory is available on both the iPhone and iPod touch.

For more information, including screenshots and a video walk through, visit tapmemoryapp.com/press.

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